The Evidence For Jesus' Resurrection (Blog Post Series)

I've written articles on the evidence for Jesus' resurrection in the past, and I even devoted an entire chapter to it in my book Inference To The One True God: Why I Believe In Jesus Instead Of Other Gods. However, the evidence was far more powerful and plenteous than I was able to present in those writings. So, back in November, I decided to write an entire series on the case for the resurrection of Jesus. I scheduled them to post the week before Easter. This 9 part series is meant for those who want to in depth research into the historical evidence for Jesus' resurrection.

Also, this blog post series will soon be available as a book.

*Part 1: Why This Matters

*Part 2: How To Do History

*Part 3: Fact (1) Jesus Died By Crucifixion

*Part 4: Fact (2) The Empty Tomb

*Part 5: Fact (3) The Postmorem Appearance To The Disciples

*Part 6: Facts (4) and (5) The Postmortem Appearances To Paul and James

*Part 7: Reasoning To The Resurrection

*Part 8: Some Unanswered Questions

*Part 9: Probabilities and Plagarism

*Part 10: Conclusion