The Doctrine Of Salvation (Soteriology)

This page contains all of the blog posts I've written concerning the topic of Arminianism VS. Calvinism. I myself am an Arminian (of the Molinist variety), and I believe Calvinism grossly, grossly distorts The Bible's teachings on soteriology and impugns the character of God. These blog posts were written to explain why Arminianism is the biblical position and why Calvinism is not. Click on the name of the blog post that you want to read, and it will take you there.

Articles On Prevenient Grace 

*What Biblical Evidence Is There For Prevenient Grace? 

*Do Arminians Believe In A Works Based Doctrine?

*Standing At The Door: The Problem Revelation 3:20 Creates For The Calvinist

*GUEST POST: How Is Arminianism Different From Pelagianism?

*Response To Bushey's Critique Of My Prevenient Grace Article.  

*What Does It Mean To Be 'Dead In Sins'?

*A Critique Of “Do We Have Free Will To Choose Salvation” by Richard Bushey

*Did Jesus Violate Paul's Free Will?

*What The Raising Of Lazarus Does Not Prove

*Unless The Father Draws Them

Articles Arguing Against Divine Determinism

Articles On Unlimited Atonement

Articles On Eternal Security VS. Apostasy

Articles On Molinism That Are Related To Soteriology