Answers For Atheists

It's important that Christians be able to refute challenges raised against Christianity by atheists. Hence, in this section, I have chosen several challenges that atheists will pose to Christians and linked to the blog posts I've written where I address them.

Criticisms Of God’s Character

*Why Does God Hide Himself?

*5 Instances In The Bible Of God Having Good Reasons For Suffering 

*Does The Bible Condone Slavery?

*Was God Unfair To Rape Victims In Old Testament Times? 

*Why Isn’t There Divine Obviousness For The Spiritual Seekers?

*If Jealousy Is A Sin, How Can God Be Jealous? 

*Tackling The Problem Of Evil (series)
*Part 1: The Logical Version 

*Part 2: The Free Will Defense

*Part 3: The Butterfly Effect

*Part 4: Suffering As God's Megaphone

*Part 5: Suffering As Character Development

*Part 6: Tipping The Scales In God's Favor

*Part 7: The Scale Leans Even More

*Part 8: The Emotional Version

Note: This whole series will soon be available as a free Kindle book. 

Criticisms Of Christians

Criticisms Of Miracles

Bible Contradictions/Errors

Other Criticisms