My Video Debates

This is a list of debates that I've had over Google + "Hangouts On Air" sessions. I provide the video below the list of the name of the debate and the list of participants. This page will be continually updated as I participate in more and more video debates. Just scroll down until you find a topic that interests you, click on the middle of the screen and it will play the video for you.

I also want you all to know that any new video debates that are added will initially be streamed live right here from this website, but will also be available for viewing long after the debate is over, just like the videos you see below you are available to watch right now, but streamed live when I first added them.

1: "Does Man Have Free Will?"
Evan Minton & Zachary Lawson VS. David Rittenhouse, and Tony Lee Ross Jr.
2: "Are There Any Errors In The Bible?"
Evan Minton, Adam Robles, & Robert Rowe VS. Frank Anthony Della Torre and Christopher Pop  

3: "Is God Evil For Sending People To Hell?"
Evan Minton, & Keith Francis VS. Counter Apologist, & Riley 


4: "Did Jesus Rise From The Dead?"
Evan Minton VS. Nathan J Reese 

*: "Are There Good Arguments For God's Existence?"
Evan Minton VS. Anthony B.((Cancelled))