My Debates

This page involves a list of all the debates I've been in so far. Most of these debates will be against non-Christians on topics like the existence of God and the resurrection of Jesus, but some of them will be against my fellow Christians on in-house topics like Arminianism VS. Calvinism. Click on the title of the debate you want to watch and it will take you to it.

Against Non-Christians

*"Did Jesus Really Rise From The Dead?" - Evan Minton VS. Nathan Reese

*"Is God Evil For Sending People To Hell?" - Evan Minton and Keith Francis VS. The Counter Apologist and Riley

*Is Abortion A Human Right Or A Violation Of Human Rights? -- Evan Minton, Elijah Thompson, and Han Solo VS.Sokka, RSC, and George Kurt 

*Evan Minton VS. Chris Hansen - The Moral Argument For God's Existence

Against Christians

*"Are There Any Errors In The Bible?" - Evan Minton, Adam Robles, and Robert Rowe VS. Frank Anthony Delle Torre and Christopher Pop

*"Does Man Have Free Will?" - Evan Minton and Zachary Lawson VS. Tony Lee Ross JR. And David Rittenhouse