What To Expect From Cerebral Faith In The New Year

Today is New Year's Eve. You've read 101 blog posts this year (100 if you don't include this one) and have witnessed the release of my second book A Hellacious Doctrine: A Defense Of The Doctrine Of Hell, a book that responds to various different arguments that the doctrine of Hell impugns God's goodness.

Where does the ministry go from here? What should you expect from me in 2018? Aside from a lot of blog posts, I have several projects planned for the coming year.

An E-Book Adaption On My Problem Of Evil Series

I plan on releasing my 8 part series on the problem of evil as a compilation in a book. This is due to the fact that not everyone likes blog post series, but I don't know anyone interested in apologetics that isn't a book lover. Making my 8 post series into a book will hopefully please the series-haters and prompt them to actually read what I wrote.

Additionally, I'm hoping that those who really need to read what I wrote (skeptics, seekers, and doubters) but have never come across this website before stumble upon the book and are exposed to the content, thereby showing them that evil does not disprove God and bringing them one step closer to embracing a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I initially planned on releasing the e-book for free through Smashwords, but I know some people who aren't a fan of e-books and would prefer to have it in paperback form. So, I will go through Create Space like I did with Inference To The One True God and A Hellacious Doctrine so it can be available in paperback. Unfortunately, that means I'll have to go through KDP to release the e-book (and they won't allow me to set the price at $0.00), but I will set the price for both formats as low as the Create Space and KDP will allow me to so you can spend as little as possible on these resources.

My goal is to appease as many types of readers as possible so I can reach as many people as possible. If you hate blog post series, you can buy the e-book (for $0.99 if KDP will permit it. If you hate e-books as well, you can buy it in paperback.

Of course, if you don't hate blog post series, you might not want to bother, and just read the articles on this site.

A Blog Post Series On The Resurrection Of Jesus With A Following Book Adaption

Just like with my "Tackling The Problem Of Evil" series, I have a 10 part blog post series on the historical evidence for Jesus' resurrection planned for the Easter season. Every day until Easter Sunday, a new article will be published. I will go through "The Minimal Facts Approach" to the resurrection of Jesus.

Although I have written articles on the resurrection in the past and even devoted an entire chapter to it in Inference To The One True God, what is different about this series is that I will be going far more in-depth than I ever have in my past writings on the subject. For example, in "A Quick Case For Jesus' Resurrection" and in chapter 8 of Inference To The One True God, I give 3 historical arguments for the historicity of Jesus' death by crucifixion, 3 arguments for Jesus' empty tomb, and 2 arguments for Jesus' postmortem appearances to His 12 disciples. In this upcoming series, I give 8 arguments for the historicity of Jesus' crucifixion, 9 arguments for the historicity of His empty tomb, and 6 arguments for the postmortem appearances to the disciples! I'm going to expand my apologetic accordion as far as I can stretch it. If I don't include an argument for one of the minimal facts, it's only because I don't know about it yet. And of course, after establishing the 5 minimal facts as facts, I'll have an entire article dedicated to refuting naturalistic theories proposed by unbelievers to explain them. Also, before even getting into the evidence for the 5 minimal facts, I'll have an entire article educating readers on historical methodology and how it is not question begging to use The New Testament in the case for the resurrection. I'll also warn of misuses of the historical Criteria Of Authenticity and so on.

This series will eventually be made into a paperback book and e-book for people who hate blog post series or for people who would just like to own a compilation of them.

An Audiobook Adaption Of "Inference To The One True God"

I haven't abandoned this project, as some people may think, but I had to put it on hold for a while. Making audiobooks is a lot harder than I thought it would be and the stress was really beginning to get to me. Not only that, but it's so time consuming that I had to put it off for the sake of other priorities in both my personal life and in my ministry. I'm almost finished with the audiobook. I just need to record the Epilogue, and the three appendixes, and then it should be ready to upload to ACX.

I hope you enjoy it, because this is probably going to be the only audiobook I ever make. It's just too much of an time investment and takes way too much effort. It is a DIY audiobook after all.

With Any Luck, Some Debates. 

If I can find someone willing to moderate and if we (the moderator and I) can find some opponents, I plan on participating in some more debates broadcasted on YouTube. However, I make no promises. Lately, it's been hard to find anyone willing to moderate a debate and even harder finding online skeptics willing to go up against me.


2018 will be a busy year for sure, but hopefully, God will bless my hard work by drawing people to Himself through my material and equipping my brothers and sisters to defend the faith (1 Peter 3:15).


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