How I've Updated Cerebral Faith For Your Convenience

As someone who blogs for Christ, I try to do my best to provide the best service to all of my readers. This means not only providing great content to help alleviate doubts, stimulate faith in unbelievers, and answer troubling challenges to the Christian faith, but also to make your reading experience more enjoyable and convenient. Over the past year, I’ve striven to do that by adding a number of features to the site.

1: I created “libraries” to better organize all of the blog posts I’ve written. These libraries are basically just lists of all the blog posts talking about a particular subject. For example, the “Natural Theology Library” contains blog posts about various arguments for God’s existence like The Kalam Cosmological Argument, The Fine Tuning Argument, The Local Fine Tuning Argument, The Moral Argument, and The Ontological Argument. The Natural Theology Library lays out not only the first articles I’ve ever written on the subject, which give a basic defense of these arguments (e.g “The Kalam Cosmological Argument”), but also follow up posts answering questions and challenges raised against the argument (e.g “Does The First Law Of Thermodynamics Undermine The Kalam Argument?”). The “Atheist Criticism Library” involves answering various challenges raised against Christianity from the secularists both in academia and on the internet. This library contains posts such as “The Problem Of Evil and Suffering (Revisited)”, “The Doctrine Of Hell and Objections To It” and “Is God Evil For Ordering The Destruction Of Nations In The Old Testament?”.

2: I’ve put an online translator right underneath the tabs linking to the blog post libraries so that foreign speakers can read my blog posts in their own tongue. This is helpful as not everyone speaks English and may not be able to understand what I’m saying otherwise. I installed this a while back when I noticed that several of my readers come from places like Russia, The Ukraine, Mexico, and even France. I’ve even gotten a few readers from Japan. Even more recently, I’ve decided to move the translator near the top of the screen so that it would be more easily seen by my readers. The reason I created this blog was to reach as many people as I could for Christ. The Google Translate app is an excellent way to bypass the language barrier.

3: I’ve created a Facebook page and a twitter account for Cerebral Faith so that you can get updates whenever I submit a new article. Not every post on the Facebook page or tweet on the Twitter account will be for a new article. Often times I post and tweet older articles as well, but whenever a new blog post is submitted, I immediately go over to Facebook and Twitter to post about it. On the Twitter account, I plan to not just post links to articles on this site, but also other things apologetics and theology related. For example, if Reasonable Faith’s or Reasons To Believe’s Twitter account, or Richard Bushey, or whoever posts an interesting article or video, I’ll retweet them. Anyway, the Cerebral Faith Facebook and Twitter pages will help you not to miss new blog posts I upload.

4: I’ve put the Twitter Feed widget on this site so you can see my tweets without even having to leave this site, though I’d still like you to follow me.

5: I’ve changed the template. This new template allows me to have a background in the Header and Cross Column section. Currently, the background is 3 crosses but I’m going to change it to something Christmassy after Thanksgiving, and once Christmas is over, I may either put the current background back up there, or find a different background altogether.

6: I’ve recently installed a Q and A session to this website. This feature lets you send e-mails to me asking tough questions about the Christian faith. I will proceed to answer that question via blog post. You can e-mail me at I encourage you to do so. I won’t reveal any personal information about you. I’ll only show your e-mail asking the question and your first name. Whether you’re an atheist who thinks he has good reasons to disbelieve and wants to see how I would respond to them, or whether you’re a spiritual seeker, or a Christian who’s talked to a skeptic and doesn’t know how to respond to a certain challenge, or just someone who doesn’t understand something he’s read in The Bible, I encourage you to e-mail me your questions. So far, I haven’t gotten a massive amount e-mails, so don’t be afraid that I might not answer you. If, for example, I get two e-mails in a week, I’ll answer one question this week and I’ll answer the other question next week. The reason I'm answering via blog post instead of direct reply is so that not only will you have your questions answered, but others who may have been asking the same question will be answered as well. Posting the response as a blog post helps to edify many people instead of just one.

7: I’ve added a widget that allows you to follow my posts via Net Vibes and My Yahoo. This will help you stay up to date with the blog posts I write if you happen to use those services.

Hopefully, these features that I’ve added over the past several months have and will continue to be of service to you. If you know of anything I could do with this blog site to make it even more convenient and helpful to you as my dear reader, leave your suggestion in the comment section below, tweet me @CerebralFaith or e-mail me at