Is It Wrong To Teach Your Kids That Christianity Is True?

Militant Atheists think that it is immoral for parents to teach their children that Christianity is true. They call it “indoctrination”. You’re indoctrinating them if you teach that the universe was created by a supreme being and billions of years later became incarnate and died for their sins, and 3 days after dying for their sins, rising from the dead.

In fact, Richard Dawkins goes so far as to call it “child abuse”. In “The God Delusion” and other writings, Richard Dawkins claims that teaching children about religion is a form of child abuse that scars children for life. Accordingly, Dawkins states, "Priestly groping of child bodies is disgusting. But it may be less harmful in the long run than priestly subversion of child minds."

Is this really true? Well, Richard Dawkin’s comments is sheer nonsense on the surface of it. He’s saying that it’s more harmful to teach your children the basic doctrines of Christianity than it would be if they were sexually abused. Seriously? Sometimes I wonder if Dawkins even pays attention to the ridiculous things he says. How could anyone in their right mind claim that sexual molestation is LESS harmful than teaching your kids Christian theology? Such a claim doesn’t even deserve a rightful refutation lest we give it a tiny amount of credibility that it does not deserve.

Nevertheless, we might wonder if it is wrong to at least some degree to teach your children Christianity even if we reject the lunatic statements Dawkins makes above. Well, in this blog post, there are several points I think we should consider.

If Christianity Is True, It Would Actually Be Wrong NOT to Teach It To Your Kids

The whole presupposition behind the new Atheist’s claim is that Christianity is not in fact true, but rather, that atheism is true. But IF Christianity is true, then it would actually be immoral not to teach it to them. For if Christianity is true, to refrain from teaching it or even to teach them something contrary to the claims of The Bible would be leading them astray. I don’t know about you, but I think leading people to the truth is more moral than leading them straight to a lie.

So if Christianity is not true, then the atheists could be right that we’re deceiving (albeit unintentionally) our children. But on the flip side of that coin, IF Christianity is true, then ironically it’s the atheist who leading his children astray.

I actually think we have good reasons to think Christianity is true. For example, we have good evidence from the origin of the universe that God exists and brought the physical world into being, moreover, we have good evidence from the fine tuning of the universe as well as the local fine tuning that that same Creator precisely calibrated our world because He wanted life to exist. We also have good reason from the very possibility of God’s existence to think that God exists.

But most importantly, we have good historical evidence that Jesus claimed to be God, and later was crucified and rose from the dead. If you want to dive into those arguments and evidence, click on the highlighted words. They’ll take you to articles I’ve previously written on those subjects.

The Atheist Expects Parents To Teach Their Children Things That Contradict Their Own Beliefs

What the militant atheist expects Christian parents to do is to teach their children things contrary to their own beliefs and conscience. Basically, if I have children some day, the atheist is proposing that in order to not be immoral I would have to teach my children that God does not exist, that Jesus never rose from the dead, that we live in a naturalistic universe, and so on. But this is absurd. Should I also teach my kids that eating animals is wrong if my diet is omnivorous JUST BECAUSE some vegans happen to think it is? Or by contrast, if I were a vegan, should I have to teach my kids that eating animals is okay just because people with omnivorous diets say so? Why can’t I teach my children what I believe is true rather than what somebody else believes is true?

Should liberals have to teach their kids that gay marriage is wrong? Should I not teach my kids not to look both ways before crossing the street? Should I have to teach my kids not to wash their hands before every meal?

This is absurd. Of course I’m going to teach my kids what I believe is true. Just as the atheist teaches his kids what he believes is true. In fact, Newsflash! Everyone indoctrinates! All parents teach their kids what they believe is true.

Moreover, as I said in my first point, if Christianity is true then it’s the atheist who’s indoctrinating his kids into a false belief.

In Conclusion

I don’t think Christian parents are immoral for teaching their kids that Christianity is true. And the atheists who say otherwise are just simply blinded by their sheer immense hatred of religion in general, and Christianity especially. In fact, it would be immoral if they didn’t if Christianity actually is true. And also it’s unreasonable to expect parents to teach their kids things opposite of what they believe is true.