Announcement: "Patterns Of Evidence: The Exodus"

This Monday night, a one night only event will be be happening in theaters all over the country. A movie produced by Thinking Man Films will be shown called "Patterns Of Evidence: The Exodus". This film delves into new evidence that has come to light which casts some historical credibility on the book of Exodus. The Exodus may be the most archeologically criticized event in The Bible, second place only to the opening chapters about the creation. I really hope that you, my readers, will go see this film, especially if you're an unbeliever and the lack of archeological evidence for the Exodus has been a sticking point for you in coming to believe in The Bible as God's Word. Check your local theaters. Please remain seated after the credits roll in order to see a panel discussion hosted by Gretchen Carlson of Fox News. Those engaging in the panel discussion will consist of Eric Metazas, Father Jonathan Morris, and Anne Graham. Let's grab some popcorn and start "using the brains that God gave us".

Here's a preview of the movie