Are Monster Energy Drinks Satanic Propaganda?

I wasn’t initially going to blog on this at all, but this is so widespread, that it deserves attention. By widespread, I mean that I’ve seen several Christians talk about it on facebook and Twitter, and several news sites have written articles about it. The reason I’m reluctant to write about this is because the topic is so nonsensical, so illogical, that I was afraid that to address it would give it a tiny shred of credibility (a shred it doesn’t deserve). I’m equally as reluctant to address 9/11 truthers and the flat earth society. But it annoys me when illogic like this gets circulated around the Christian community. As a Christian myself, I get embarrassed by these people because they just propagate the myth that Christians are a bunch of idiots. The video where she presents her arguments are below.

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I cannot face palm hard enough. It never ceases to amaze me some of the nonsense that some Christians will believe. It just goes to show that some people can find Satan in anything. And I mean anything. I'll bet a fundamentalist could make an argument that teddy bears are satanic if they tried hard enough. They need to ditch the tin foil hats and use logic more often. I haven’t been that flabbergasted at extreme illogic (on the part of a Christian at least) since “Pokemon Preacher”.

The symbol is supposed to resemble claw marks but also the shape of an M. M for “Monster”. It isn’t meant to be 666 at all, but the letter “M” in the style of claw marks. Moreover, It is highly, highly, highly doubtful that the creators of this energy drink even knew what the Hebrew symbol for 6 was, much less employed it in the logo. It’s very likely that the similarities between the Monster M and the Hebrew symbol for 666 is just coincidental.

And as for the “unleash the beast” slogan, it’s doubtful that this has any satanic connotations either. I think the imagery this is suppose to induce is that of a campy horror flick where a person turns into a werewolf or something and they gain super human powers. The Incredible Hulk also comes to mind. Monster energy drink is supposed to give you a lot of energy, so it might be analogous to say, when you clean your whole house in under an hour, that you’ve “unleashed the beast”. It doesn’t mean that a demon flew out when you popped the cap or anything, it’s just a catchy metaphorical slogan.

The next thing she says is that the O” on the can is actually a cross and represents the Antichrist. She says that this is done every time someone drinks out of the can because it turns the cross upside down. This, to her, represents witchcraft. “Bottoms up, and the Devil laughs,” she says. “Something to think about.” Seriously? The letter T looks a cross too! A sword’s shadow looks like a cross. A telephone poll looks like the cross (*gasp* Is the phone company trying to spread the gospel message about Christ!?) My body has taken the shape of a cross when I’ve lied down on a comfy bed and spread both arms out to the side but kept my legs together. I take this claim no more seriously than those who say that they’ve seen the Virgin Mary in their toast. If you ask me, the O looks more like a bow and arrow than a cross.

But furthermore, what would Satan gain by endorsing an ENERGY DRINK? Think about what The Bible teaches about Satan and his plans. His plans are the eternal destruction of all human beings (see 1 Peter 5:8). If he can get you away from worshipping and serving the living God, he will. Demons will do anything in their power to lead you off the path of truth and righteousness, but I don’t know how an energy drink is supposed to accomplish that. Does this energy drink have magical powers that automatically makes you a non-Christian of some kind ((Monster energy drinks, now in atheist, wiccan and scientologist flavors))??? How exactly is a beverage of any kind suppose to further that agenda? So it’s called “Monster”, so it has a catchy slogan that fits the name, so the M is made to look like clawmarks? Still….how exactly is this going to bring about the ruin of any souls? That just doesn’t make any sense.

I bet Satan loves it when we Christians argue and “expose” silly, ridiculous things like this. It is a great distraction from the real spiritual battles he and his legion are waging against humanity. While a crazy lady is telling you that Satan is essentially the CEO of a multinational company to spread his word among humanity, he’s causing all sorts of havoc in the world.

We, as Christians, need to address the actual threats to the human soul. Pornography is ruining marriages, relationships with God, and producing unhealthy sexual appetites. Meanwhile, abortion clinics are slaughtering unborn babies enmasse, and more and more people are leaving the Christian faith (mainly to either become Atheists or Muslims). Your kids are being indoctrinated with atheistic propaganda in high school and college. These, are what we as Christians need to concern ourselves with.

Let’s address issues like these and others rather than get distracted by all these spiritual conspiracy theories. This is a distraction from the real issues. It’s a distraction, a distraction that demons can use to their advantage.

In conclusion, don’t feel like you’re contributing to the devil’s agenda when you drink a Monster energy drink. You shouldn’t feel any more guilty than if you listen to rock music, play Pokemon, or have a Christmas tree up in your home, or read something other than King James Version of The Bible (like the NLT, NIV, ESV etc). People believe all kinds of nonsense and you shouldn’t let their illogic hinder you from living in freedom.

Rule of thumb: Listen for the voice of The Holy Spirit and study the word of God. Don’t forget to use discernment.

As someone in the comment section of that Youtube video nicely pointed out, “If Satan is as clever as she says, why does he keep putting clues to the fact that he's there?” Good question. You’d think as sly and clever as he is, he’d be more careful. Maybe he’s losing his touch or something, or the more likely explanation that maybe certain Christians are seeing something that isn’t there.

A Christian responded by saying “Because satan is very vain and believes that he is more powerful than GOD.” To which he responded “That as it may be, but he has millennia of experience and hasn't gotten anywhere. You'd think he'd realize ‘Ok, maybe telling people that I've done stuff is a terrible idea.’” Good point, he’s been doing this for as long as humanity’s been around. You’d think after 50,000-100,000 years, he would be better at his job so that some lady couldn't uncover his dastardly plan!