Alternatives To Halloween

Alternatives To Halloween

Ok, so I expressed my opinions that Halloween is okay for a Christian to do, but of course not everyone will agree with me. That’s fine. Follow your own convictions. However, I hope you read it and carefully digested what I said. And also do be sure to check out Ken Samples’ article on the topic. I think he does a better job arguing for the legitimacy of Halloween festivities (which is why I quoted him so heavily). But if you’re still unconvinced, and you’re still convicted by this Holiday, here are a few things you can do with your kids this October that I can’t imagine anyone would object to. These are alternatives that your kids will enjoy, and that will avoid making them feel sad for missing out on all the fun. 

1: Trunk Or Treat

Growing up, my church every single year on October 31st would have its members park their cars in the parking lot and have buckets full of candy in the trunk of their cars. My Mom and Dad would take me and sister up to the church and we would go car to car saying “Trunk Or Treat” and people would give us candy from the buckets in their cars. Sometimes the people who owned the car would be sporting a Halloween costume themselves and sometimes they would have their cars spookily decorated. Sometimes I would get pocket New Testaments or Bible tracks. The apostle Paul said “Whatever you do, do it for the glory of the Lord.” (1 Corinthians 10:31) You can spread the gospel through trunk or treat as well as give the kids candy that they can enjoy when they get home. You don’t necessarily have to go to your church to do this, you can sit on your own porch and hand out gospel tracks and New Testaments. You can use Halloween to your advantage to further the Kingdom.

There’s no reason to think that your kids should avoid Trick or Treating and dressing up in fun costumes simply to avoid the things about Halloween you don’t like, whether it be the dark imagery, or whatever. Trunk Or Treating does not depend on scary decorations or anything typically associated with Halloween. All you really need for this to work are cars, a parking lot, lots of candy and costumes for your kids (and maybe yourself if you want to). That’s really the minimum of what you need. This doesn’t sound too objectionable does it?

2: Kingdom Kids Party

When researching websites for the content of this blog post, I stumbled upon this. They called it a “Kingdom Kids Party” Here are some optional activities the website listed:

*Decorate your house with white Christmas lights instead of the traditional scary Halloween decorations.
*Have parents come with their kids instead of dropping them off. Make it a family event!
*Have a costume contest! Allow kids to dress up as Bible heroes, knights, princesses, Veggie Tales, Bible man characters, or other positive characters.
*Have face painting.
*Roast Hot Dogs and marshmallows.
*Tell Bible Stories instead of the traditional scary stories.
*Have crafts and coloring sheets.
*Make It A Praise Party!
*Make Praise Banners by tying ribbons to colored sticks.
*Play kid's praise music, and let them dance and play.

3: Go Door To Door For A Different Reason.

Another thing you can do is take your kids door to door for a different reason.

* Dress up in any kind of costume you want.
* Politely refuse any candy offered to you.
*Instead, share the gospel with them. Remind your kids to use their Tactics. Perhaps one of them should dress up as Lt. Colombo. To actually use the Colombo tactic dressed as Colombo would be pretty cool. “How did you come to that conclusion?”“What do you mean by that?”“Something about this bothers me…am I missing something?” ;-)

Well, there you go. Alternatives to Halloween. Have fun!