My Top 30 Reasons To Believe Articles List

Those of you who follow this blog may remember the post I did a couple of months ago listing a different top 10 list. This top 10 list was a list of all the articles that I found helpful in linking to in discussions with non-Christians in order to answer a certain point that I myself did not have the space to respond to (like, for example; in Facebook comments, they only allow you a certain amount of characters to type a comment) or just didn't have the time or energy to put that in my response. The top 10 list was a list of all the articles from; a website owned by my Facebook friend Richard Bushey. This time however, I plan on doing a top 30 list of articles from which is Reasons To Believe's website. Reasons To Believe is a progressive creationist (also known as old earth creationist) ministry which gives scientific evidence for God's existence and shows how The Bible and modern science are completely compatible. They've also done a great job of producing a testable, verifiable/falsifiable creation model which is outlined in the book "More Than A Theory: Revealing a testable model for creation" and which is elaborated in many books such as "The Creator And The Cosmos", "Why The Universe Is The Way It Is", "Who Was Adam", "The Cell's Design", "Origins Of Life", "Hidden Treasures In The Book Of Job" and "More Than A Theory".

Reasons To Believe is probably my favorite source when it comes to science apologetics, though I'll admit the Intelligent Design community is a good source for science apologetics as well. Reasons To Believe was founded by its president Dr. Hugh Ross and is run by both Ross and Vice President Dr. Fazale "Fuz" Rana (who has a PHD in biochemistry). Hugh Ross is an astrophysicist as well as a pastor. Fazale Rana is a biochemist. Reasons To Believe has been going for about 30 years and they've written a large number of articles on their website since the launch of the website. This large number of articles makes it a little difficult for me to pick just a top 10 list of my favorite articles and the ones I refer to most recently, so instead of a top 10 list, I decided to make a top 30 list instead. But that's enough of the introduction, now I shall post the list. I hope that any questions or objections that you personally have to the Christian faith will be answered by these scientifically minded brothers in Christ in the articles listed below. By the way, they're not listed in order from greatest to worst or anything like that. They're ordered randomly, so, number 1 is not any greater than number 2, and number 2 is not any greater than number 3, etc.

18: A Universe from Nothing? A Critique of Lawrence Krauss' Book. Part 1 & Part 2