My Top 10 Favorite Society Of Evangelical Arminians Posts

I've been a member of the Society Of Evangelical Arminians website for quite a while. They're an Arminian organization which is devoted to teaching and defending Arminianism, the system of theology that we believe most accurately reflects the teaching of the Bible; the word of God. The site is also devoted to refuting Calvinism, a system of theology that lies within the pale of basic Christian orthodoxy, but that is at odds with Arminianism on many key points and that we believe seriously errs in its understanding of God, salvation, and the Bible. I have found their website as well as their Facebook group of the same name to be of incredible value in understanding how the Calvinist theology fails, being unsupported by scripture as well as being logically inconsistent. Below, I've made a list of the top 10 articles I found helpful in answering questions about Arminian theology as well as being nice sites to link to during online discussions. I've omitted my own articles from the list for the sake of not coming off as narcissistic, that and the fact that the articles about Arminianism VS. Calvinism I've posted on the Society Of Evangelical Arminians website, I have also posted here on Cerebral Faith, so another reason I've omitted my own SEA articles is to prevent redundancy. Unlike in the past Top 10 lists, this time, I actually have posted them in order of greatest to least greatest. All of them though, are enormously informative. I find "The FACTS of Salvation" to be the best because it shows the non-Arminian not only what we believe but also WHY we believe it, citing scripture to back up each of the 5 points of the Arminian acronym. It gives a summary of Arminian theology and the reasons for why believe things such as why we believe Jesus died for everyone, why God loves everyone, why we believe everyone has free will, and that we're not pelagians because we believe in Total Depravity, and it also gives the scriptural support for resistible (as opposed to irresistible) grace. The next post does a great job showing how Compatiblism really isn't successful in reconciling determinism with free will as the name would suggest (similar to my recent blog post "The Incompatibility Of Compatiblism"). But enough of the introduction, now onto the top 10 list!