My Top 10 Favorite Apologetics Press Articles.

I’ve been following this website for a good while now. It’s a great website. Although I disagree with the owners of Apologetics Press on the doctrine of creation, they’re all mostly young earth creationists, and I’m an old earth creationist, and I find their articles defending the young earth view to be scientifically and biblically flawed, nonetheless, they still have good articles in areas having nothing to do with the age of the earth, such as their articles presenting design evidence in biology, their articles that have to do with historical apologetics, and also articles that have to do with theological issues such as “Are There Degrees Of Punishment and Reward” (which says that contrary to popular Christian opinion, God does not punish all sin equally) and “Does God Hate Sinners?” I don’t have to agree with a Christian organization on *everything* to find them to be a good apologetics and theology source. I can separate the wheat from the chaff and just digest the good information, as the Apostle Paul taught in 1 Thessalonians 5:21 (“test everything, hold onto the good”). I keep the good, accurate information while disregarding that which I find to be flawed. To be honest, I can’t find that I agree with any Christian organization (or individual for that matter) on EVERYTHING. I agree with my Facebook friend Dale V Wayman on Arminianism but disagree with him on the age of the Earth, I agree with some Christians on the age of the Earth, but disagree with them on soteriology. So there’s no reason for me to boycott an organization just because I disagree with them on a single secondary issue. To do so would be silly. There can be unity despite theological disagreement on these secondary issues.The reason I point this out is because sometimes Christians avoid other Christian ministries because the disagree on some secondary issue, and that's the wrong attitude to have. "Liberty in non-essentials, unity in essentials, and in all things, charity".No need to divide on some little issue that is not a test of orthodoxy.

I strongly suggest to both the Christian and the non-Christian alike to check out this website. Investigate the evidence. Evaluate the arguments. Buy their books, subscribe to their articles (they mail one out monthly). If you're a Christian Apologist in training, you will find this to be a good source in equipping you to fend off attacks from skeptics. If you're a non-Christian, this website might be the tool God uses in your life to bring you to Himself. To show you that the Christian faith is not based on blind emotions, but on facts. 

I thank Kyle Butt, Dave Miller, Eric Lyons, and the other apologists on that site for their contribution to advancing the kingdom of God. That's enough of the introduction, now onto the list! By the way, they're not listed in order from greatest to least great. Therefore, number 1 is not necessarily any better than number 2, number 2 is not necessarily any better than number 3 and so on.

1: The Law Of Biogenesis. Part 1, Part 2