Was Jesus a Zombie?

Not that this is a serious argument, but this mockery is so often retorted, I thought I'd say something about it. 

Zombies are fictional creatures who used to be living people before they died and some voodoo or radioactive indecent or whatever brought them back to life. However, their bodies are rotting, their minds are blank. The only things they crave are brains of the living and they attack living human beings in order to devour their brains. Contrast with this with the Christian doctrine of a resurrection body. Jesus; the transformation of an injured, bloodied mortal body into a glorified, IMmortal resurrection body with Jesus’ mind completely in tact and absolutely no hunger for brains. The resurrection body will be a body that is not sick, not in pain, is immortal (will never die) and the person will have their sin natures removed, so they probably won't be killing people. None of the gospel accounts mention Jesus attacking people after his resurrection. I’m sorry, but I just don’t see the connection. The only thing that zombies and people after the resurrection have in common is that they're both inanimate corpses made animate as they were before their death. As far as I can see, that is the only parallel.